One of the best ways to provide more information to your clients and help your site climb up search engine (aka Google!) rankings is to blog.

Blogging allows you to add content to your site in a way that feels natural to your audience. This extra content catches the attention of Google search bots AND potential clients. It’s pretty much all around awesome.

The key to building a successful blog is simple; consistent content.

Here’s the problem… many business owners/managers don’t have the time it takes to put towards their blog. So what happens? It gets pushed aside. No big deal, right? Wrong.

While you can backdate a post, you cannot backdate the effect that a post will have on your search engine rankings.

So what do you do when you really want your blog to draw more traffic but you just don’t have the time?

You hire me!

It’s super easy… My team of awesome bloggers can help on whatever level you need. While I tailor all of my services to fit the needs of each individual client, here are a few ideas of what I can do to help you:

  • Develop a blogging plan with a defined target audience, objectives, and goals
  • Create a publishing schedule
  • Write content
  • Provide images
  • Publish posts to your site

Whatever you need, however often you need it; I can help!

Just email me at for a free quote that will address all of your blogging needs.