Adding content to your blog with intent!

Adding content to your blog with intent!Like0

Adding content to your blog or website is one of the most important things you can do to keep visitors (and search engine indexing bots) coming back.

There are two key factors to consider when you’re adding content to your blog or website…

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Blog Content: Timing and Topics

TIMING is everything, but the exact time on the clock isn’t what matters when it comes to publishing blog posts. Rather, consistency is what will make the biggest difference in keeping the attention of your audience.

New content is always exciting, but you can’t expect to have time to write and publish posts 24/7. Setting up a consistently publishing schedule will allow your readers to know when they can expect to see new content.

So how often should you publish posts to your blog? Once a week, 2-3 times per week, every day?  That’s totally up to you! Whatever you decide, set a reasonable standard that you can actually stick to – which will likely depend on the topic you’re writing about.

The TOPICS you write about should be based on the goals of your specific blog.

If you’re blogging for business, posts should include examples of your work and general information about your industry and the specific services you provide that will entice clients to contact you.

For example:  If you’re a photographer, publish a post for every single client session you do. Sounds like a lot of work, but if you include this as a step in your general process it won’t become overwhelming. In addition, write blog posts about fun things like “what to wear” when you’re getting family photos taken.

If you’re writing a personal blog, posts will vary daily depending on your target audience.

For example: If you’re a mommy blogger who wants to share your daily household fun with the world, publish posts about fun arts and crafts projects that you do with your kids or other activities that you enjoy. Include photos and tips for others who may want to enjoy these things as well. (Always keep in mind privacy and security issues.)

You don’t have to decide on a full calendar of writing ideas in order to start posting…

The best time to start your blog is TODAY.

Well, I guess you could say the best time was yesterday… but if you haven’t started posting yet, GO!

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